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ICSCH 2015



For further information of the Conference, please contact

Conference Secretary

Jessica C. Xiao




TEL:  +852-3500-0005 (Hong Kong)

         +1-313-263-4817 (USA)
         +86-28-86528478 (China)


Address:Unit B on 15th Floor Eu Yan Sang Tower
Nos.11/15, Chatham Road South
Kowloon, Hong Kong.



   Complaint email-box:



   Clarification for

   1. For complaint and suggestion only.

   Complaints, eg. at least 3 working days no feedback from the conference mailbox, tone collision in write back, bad   attitude at work, irrelevant reply, etc. , will be replied within 3 working days.
Any general enquiry, submission and registration are not accepted by this email-box and will not be replied.

   2. Email format requests.
   From: Your name
   Subject: [complaint]/ [suggestion] +conference name
   CC: (The related conference email box)

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